There is no Far side of the Clock, Matter of fact It's all Time
_45x60x12Cm_Chime Clock Movement+Clock Frame_2016




The far side of the moon is always a subject of curiosity since the moon, seen from the earth, always faces the same direction. However, the term “far side of the moon” is invented by the earth’s point of view. There is no barometer by which to distinguish the front from the back. Likewise, a clock has no front or back because time is everywhere. Perhaps, the constant movements of clockwork are more akin to the essence of time. The back of a clock tells us time, while the front hours.











Like little pieces in a clockwork, I move with regular rhythms. The mechanical device, wound up by we don’t know who, is restlessly working. Is there a bird that secretly winds up the clock out of nowhere? Just like pieces in a well-designed clockwork, I am aimlessly drifting away somewhere without a beginning or ending point; I cannot break away from the flow at my will. In daily life, the axis of space can freely be moved within at my will; however, I cannot be free from the flow of time. In an attempt to break the flow, I confined the clockwork into various frames, trying to control them. Notwithstanding this, time is always an irreversible phenomenon, which cannot be governed by anyone. Time is just a little parenthesis in eternity.

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