Surface Layer Time / Clerkenwell Gallery / 06. Dec. 2016 - 11. Dec. 2016
Jinhee Park’s second solo exhibition in the UK, Surface Layer Time, presents a multifaceted approach to perceiving and visualising shallow time floating on the surface that indicates the passage of time in everyday life. As surface water reacts more sensitively to environmental changes than deep water, Surface Layer Time refers to shallow time that is sensitive to the little changes of daily life. In other words, it implies momentary qualities of time that are quickly gone and regenerated, as opposed to immeasurably deep time. The term shallowness or surface might be understood in a negative sense. From the perspective of the universe, however, human beings’ sense of time does not have great depth. Rather, it is wide and shallow. A thousand years is a long period for humans but is a very short moment, like a paper-thin depth of time, for the earth or the universe. Time has been passing since before we even called it time, and has never changed its characteristics. Sometimes, an attempt to track down the immeasurable depth of time indeed obscures our understanding of it. Who would know the beginning or end of time? Park thus rather imagines deeper and older time through transient, shallow and fragmented moments that one can actually discern and experience