Isotrope_Installation_Level+Ruler+Square+Kichen Timer+Weight+Laser Pointer_2018


Untitled_Installation_Scale+Clock Movement+Thesis_2013-2016





Untitled_25x23x12Cm_Chime Clock_2016


I must, willy-nilly, wait until the bell tolls.

It takes time for sugar to be melted in water.  It is an unreducible waiting time as waiting for a bus at a station or waiting on food in a restaurant.  For some, waiting could have a disagreeable nuance as it suggests boredom.  Notwithstanding, however, this time of wait connotes on the regular interval of time that, if I wait, the time will eventually come.  In order to hear the time signal told by a clock having been removed of its minute and hour hand, I must wait—whether I like it or not—which is the most fundamental element of time.