Durational Instant_40x80x100Cm_Arrowhead+Branch+Feather_2018


Arrow of Time represents the asymmetricality of time that solely heads towards the future, without having a front or back in direction. Even if a tree is old, it neither shrinks nor stops growing. The growth of a tree within time only has one direction that heads upwards. Hence, a tree resembles the asymmetric flow of time. A tree branches out unexpectedly into multiple directions, while slowly but ceaselessly growing skywards, full of turns and twists. If we can see time, would it look like a tree?




Arrow of Time_80x90x110Cm_Arrowhead+Branch_2015


Arrow of Time_dimensions variable_Arrowhead+Branch+Feather_2014

Arrow of Time_50x20x80Cm_Arrowhead+Branch+Feather_2014










12g, Weight of Time_2016

12g_Installation_Balloon+Helium gas+Plastic Strting and Arrowhead_2016