A Week_20x48inch (each)_C Print_2015



Shallow time

Nature’s time and human time are crossed within the measurements of time called a ‘day.’ When the sun's cycle of light and the artificially divided 24 segments are crossed, natural flow of time is assimilated into socially agreed human time. It then becomes the human concept of time. I attempted to measure the depth of time derived from the intersection of the flow of time and the segmentation of time. If we can call ‘the depth of time’ accumulated within the cross section of the earth's strata Deep time, in contrast, we might very well perceive the constantly changing intensity of the sunlight, saturation, and traces of shadow as Shallow time. When making the depth of time by piling up traces of the moments layer upon layer, it becomes a rite of passage to record fragmented Shallow time, while resembling the earth’s recondite time.



A sunny Day_22x22in_Pigment Print_2015








Temporal Trail - VAPOURabstACTION_34x14in_Pigment Print_2014


Temporal Trail - VAPOURabstACTION_34x14in_Pigment Print_2014