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Temporal quality

Time cannot be understood within a standardized framed known as a clock and a calendar. Because this contrived measure fragmented into numbers, in fact, distorts the essence of time. Time in itself is of an illogical passage which cannot be standardized or quantified into a specific language. Hence, a clock can point to hours, yet cannot tell us about the very idea of time. How about understanding time in the context of depth, weight, and width? Which is to say, perceiving time shallowly, lightly, deeply, and widely. When observing a phenomenon through a different standard, one can discover hitherto unknown qualities of time. Time thinly stretches out on the surface of water, floats in the sky, and drills down into the earth. Perhaps, ascertaining the essence of time in these phenomena is a better way of understanding time. I call these various conditions of time that I measured in this way temporal quality.